Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overcoming the Cabbage Butterfly and Companion Planting

Well I couldn't stand it any longer and have re-installed the cabbage butterfly traps - They have had a great munch on the Sunflower leaves - so at least those aren't edible!! I had to completely cut down my native passionfruit vine due to their infestation - that was it war was declared - here are some of my army - armed with skewers and a cleaver disguise (simply cut white plastic bags into small strips and tie as a ribbon around skewers, or if the plants are established on poles - I have even tied some to the actual plant - which I wouldn't recommend in very humid climates) - its simple - I'm not convinced yet how affective it is - I do believe that companion planting is the solution here - and am working at getting the combinations right. At the moment I have got the Sunflowers next to the Corn with the Pumpkin as an understory. The Blueberry and some lemon grass are getting on very well and are shading under the leaves of the pumpkin.

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