Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dilemma of the Drive

The drive way has been on my mind for a while - then as I was walking past the huge pile of mulch each day - it occurred to me to pull up the ground cover and mulch - giving the plants more form, preventing weeds and keeping moisture in. Also I have a dream of putting edibles along the drive for visitors and students to pick as they wish.

Dilemma #1 If I were to mulch this bed it would most likely continuously fall off the bed and onto the drive way - especially with digging birds

Dilemma #2 If I were to edge the drive it would be prone to damaging tyres of the cars if they were to mount the bed - and also damage the edging.

Solution: The nesting method that I used in the Front Key Hole garden, using twigs and old cuttings to create a soft edge.

Dilemma #3: This edging method I have found if prone to weeds and being spread - the twigs don't behave and stay in one spot!

There were two solutions to this: Firstly I dug a ditch and lined it with thick newspaper followed by weed mat, creating a gutter like ditch. I placed the twigs along the gutter and then - my most genius solution to date... wire coat hangers were cut and bent to hold the edge in place - allowing you to simply lift and re-fill with more twiggs as need be.

This project is just getting started - a progress report to follow

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