Sunday, January 16, 2011

Diggin da Drive

Well the sun returned! The surge of energy to get in the garden followed.

Here are the remaining steps that saw the drive completeted.

1) Finish the ditch
2) Fill with first Newspaper then weed mat - I used the newspaper to anchor the weedmat down either edge of the ditch - in otherwords - the weedmat had something to anchor itself on and fold over and tuck down. It was made a lot easier by using a lot of newspaper (thick) and wet. Keep hosing on a hot day to keep it from shifting.
3) More twigs - oh now prep work (grab a cuppa, a chair and sit in the shade) = cut wire coat-hangers into 2 and cut off the rounded head...
These are pushed down over the twigs -which I am going to add to as I collect more cuttings - as I think they are just a wee bit too shallow at the moment - and likely to sink further over time.
3) Even out the remaining soil and add dynamic lifter / dolomite lime to the bed
4) I covered the bed then with more wet newspaper to keep the weeds at bay ... a tip of dear Peter Cundall - use a fork to aerate the newspaper - now make sure to lift your irrigation hose (if you have one) first - to avoid punctures!
5) Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

It was the most perfect conditions to complete the job as all of the rain was nicely trapped beneath the mulch. I am thrilled with the results - and most importantly it means that the front will be weed free - at least for long enough to get mowing and weeding the back garden - and so another cycle begins yet again!

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  1. WOW the drive was a wonderful gutter last night for the rapids that were flowing down the driveway! Not one bit of mulch left the property! Noice.