Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greenbootz Gardening going Greener...

Preperations have began to make TLC gardening a two wheel operation.

The idea originated from my time living in Amsterdam - seeing the Mums and Dads pushing their kids around in the front of their pushies in what to me appeared to be large colourful wooden buckets. I had never seen anything like it, and my Dutch friend explained that new mums can't wait till their babies can hold their heads up independently because thats the first sign that they are ready for their first ride out front!! I can remember just the ride to the super market was a chance to check out the fashions - the bike paths were a promanade for men and women to display their fashion sense - Perhpas it is the helmets - or the fact that we don't officially have bike paths - but it just doesnt look this good in Melbourne ( !!!!!

However for my plans Cargo Cycles here in Melbourne have providing plenty of insiration:

Or as suggested by a friend ...

I have stripped an old mountain bike of its racks and basket and am planning to attach them to a previously owned mountain bike and then purchase a front or back cargo trailor for tools / refuse.

It is the long handled tools that are providing the most problems and the idea of a telescopic rake / broom / shovel have come to mind! But there may be a way. Investigation still to follow. And plenty of food for thought on the web...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mother Earth in Turmoil?

I have heard recent environmental upheaval described as "Mother Earth is letting us know she isn't happy".

However if we look beyond the earth to the activity of the Sun and Moon you can see a direct connection between the weather of Space and its affect on Earth.

Brian Cox's recent documentary on SBS Wonders of the Solar System demonstrated how the periodic Solar Storms directly affected the magnetic field, water behavior and electrical systems here on earth.


Tracking the Weather of Space the amount of recent activity is in accordance with the number of environmental backlashes felt here on earth: "The geomagnetic storms of March 10th and 11th are subsiding. Earth's magnetic field began shaking on March 10th in response to a CME impact; the reverberations continued for more than 24 hours. In Sweden the auroras were so bright, they competed with campfires"

As Japan faces its biggest rebuild since Kobe and nuclear power plants are being "Killed" with the introduction of Sea Water to prevent further explosions - Permaculture principles are as relevant as ever. Perhaps it is not a matter of prevention - the earth will change along with the main source of life - our Sun. But we can at the very least use our resources wisely.

As Japan enters into summer and the re-build begins - rather than donate Money - perhaps the world's great minds could donate their time and energy to design the towns that have been devastated. I would much prefer to donate a Solar Panel to replace the Nuclear Power Japan has relied on.

I believe mother earth is not as vindictive as we would believe. We are not victims on this earth - we are incredibly fortunate life forms who have thrived on the conditions which this solar system has provided. The belief that it should be permanent is a difficult illusion to break - and it is our very own mortality which we naturally avoid and cause us to forget that life is not our right - but a rare experience to use to its fullest potential through relationships that enhance rather than diminish our short time together.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I had the pleasure of working on a wonderful example of interplanting edibles with non edibles on this largely native garden. It reminded me that veggie gardens don't have to stand alone - but can enhance the trees / shrubs already in place. I think this is the feel that the Spiral Bed really needs. The pathway in the front native garden demonstrates how you can make the most out of the space you have. By dividing it in two by a narrow path you can walk within the garden and appreciate from within - rather than simply looking from a frontal perspective. The compost bins are also a feature which I would like to replicate with a huge pile wood down the side that needs a use. This property which was once a Dairy is an absolute pocket of country living in Melbourne. Again it reminds me that you don't need the hobby farm - just start now where ever you are!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mama Longos Garden

For several years we have received beans at the Yoga Centre.

Just writing this evokes images of Giants and Bean Stalks!!

Well the origin of our Beans is just as magical as the tale goes ... Mama Longo!

Joe's mum has grown these beans for many years and this weekend I was very lucky to visit her home and see the bounty of beans and tomatoes among many other goodies in her garden.

What struck me first was the structure of the tomatoe patch. Unlike my tomatoes which have sprawled from one end of the front garden the the next ... Mama Longo has ditched several rows of tomatoes of various varieties along a very practical trellace. This means that watering is well served by the ditch.

However my favourite aspect of the garden was the use of twisted Willow branches to provide a structure for the climbing beans. The branches were Cut from the Longo's very own Willow (jelous ... you bet I was!).

Thank you Mama Longo for the beans and also the inspiration. This is a true Oasis in the North of Melbourne.