Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mama Longos Garden

For several years we have received beans at the Yoga Centre.

Just writing this evokes images of Giants and Bean Stalks!!

Well the origin of our Beans is just as magical as the tale goes ... Mama Longo!

Joe's mum has grown these beans for many years and this weekend I was very lucky to visit her home and see the bounty of beans and tomatoes among many other goodies in her garden.

What struck me first was the structure of the tomatoe patch. Unlike my tomatoes which have sprawled from one end of the front garden the the next ... Mama Longo has ditched several rows of tomatoes of various varieties along a very practical trellace. This means that watering is well served by the ditch.

However my favourite aspect of the garden was the use of twisted Willow branches to provide a structure for the climbing beans. The branches were Cut from the Longo's very own Willow (jelous ... you bet I was!).

Thank you Mama Longo for the beans and also the inspiration. This is a true Oasis in the North of Melbourne.

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