Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mother Earth in Turmoil?

I have heard recent environmental upheaval described as "Mother Earth is letting us know she isn't happy".

However if we look beyond the earth to the activity of the Sun and Moon you can see a direct connection between the weather of Space and its affect on Earth.

Brian Cox's recent documentary on SBS Wonders of the Solar System demonstrated how the periodic Solar Storms directly affected the magnetic field, water behavior and electrical systems here on earth.


Tracking the Weather of Space the amount of recent activity is in accordance with the number of environmental backlashes felt here on earth: "The geomagnetic storms of March 10th and 11th are subsiding. Earth's magnetic field began shaking on March 10th in response to a CME impact; the reverberations continued for more than 24 hours. In Sweden the auroras were so bright, they competed with campfires"

As Japan faces its biggest rebuild since Kobe and nuclear power plants are being "Killed" with the introduction of Sea Water to prevent further explosions - Permaculture principles are as relevant as ever. Perhaps it is not a matter of prevention - the earth will change along with the main source of life - our Sun. But we can at the very least use our resources wisely.

As Japan enters into summer and the re-build begins - rather than donate Money - perhaps the world's great minds could donate their time and energy to design the towns that have been devastated. I would much prefer to donate a Solar Panel to replace the Nuclear Power Japan has relied on.

I believe mother earth is not as vindictive as we would believe. We are not victims on this earth - we are incredibly fortunate life forms who have thrived on the conditions which this solar system has provided. The belief that it should be permanent is a difficult illusion to break - and it is our very own mortality which we naturally avoid and cause us to forget that life is not our right - but a rare experience to use to its fullest potential through relationships that enhance rather than diminish our short time together.

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