Sunday, October 17, 2010

Permaculture and Spirit

Recently I came across the DVD "Reconnecting to Nature though Spiritual Permaculture". It documents a conference in Hawaii whose guest speaker was Dr Leonid Sharashkin, translator of Anastasia which I had read a couple of years ago. The DVD has been playing on my mind after watching it.

It asks us to re-introduce consciousness into design and suggests that design is nothing more than an expression of the conscious state we are in at any given moment. Gardening for food is advocated as much more than a practical solution - it is a Spiritual practice of healing both our selves and our environment.

This is particularly pertinent as the garden for "Permaculture in Suburbia" is within the setting of a Yoga School. This weekend I was working on the Spiral Meditation Garden. I have planted the two new grafted apples from Toora Heritage Pear Farm Grafting Day - given that there has been soo much rain I was drawn to planting and transplanting in the moments when the sun did come out.

The Spiral seems to have a life of its own and I have enjoyed the experience of stepping back and allowing it to take form around me. I was looking today at the Roses which we had transplanted last winter into this site which has now become the Spiral. The move of the roses was made out of necessity - there was not enough rain and we wanted to dedicate the front garden beds to food production as they receive the most water. The roses were given strict instruction - you've just got to make good of what you got - they were not watered particularly much but have thrived and now make a gorgeous setting for the meditation spiral walk. What I enjoyed as I looked at them today was the sense of having not planned - but ended up with exactly what I would have wanted!


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