Monday, October 4, 2010

Audits on Life

You’ve done it again Patrick Jones:
Art and The Environment – a frank audit

In this months copy of Trouble Jones asks "Are we really accountable for our own pollution, or just for the guilt associated with it?". Jones' examines this question in relation to Lucas Ihlein's environmental audit of In the Balance: Art for a Changing World (Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney) environmental audit

This really came home to me - when The Arts Centre hosted the Russian Ballet who performed Swan Lake on Ice. Everything - travelled the globe for this tour and the ice cooling refridgerators were going 24/7 to keep the temporary ice rink in place. It was a sell out - a success, but the cost to the environment was the last thing on the presenters agenda.

An audit of my day would look frighteningly similar to the young lady profiled in the article; several work-places and daily on the go food consumption. Finding the solution to living in a city is not a matter of quick fixes - but constant inquiry. I don't believe in displacing people out of their environment in order to save it. Jones suggests; "It means...highlighting our methods and proccesses, our ability to speculate and to question" - without a critical mind, because simply my tendency is to rebel further, but with genuine interest in practical solutions.

Go to Organisational Change for some great links which explore these topics and more.

Also published this week - one Victorian man's decision to be buried in an up-right, eco-friendly grave Herald Sun October 5 which to me, is a long awaited demonstration of our power of choice - particularly at this criitcal point.

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