Sunday, December 5, 2010

Making seedling pots from Milk Cartons

Instruction for making pots for seedlings out of Milk Cartons - see photos below...

The first step is easy and obvious - cut the bottom off and voila - your first pot is made - simply puncture a few holes for drainagel

Next to make the best use of the top half cut off the spout

Slit the sides about half an inch down on each corner

Now fold the flaps out to create a crease line

One flap at a time work around the carton in a circle lowering and fixing the sides into the middle, fixing the last flap underneath the first.

Experiment with how far down you need to make the slits in order to get a perfect little drainage hole in the middle!

And start asking your friends to save their milk cartons!

A great Christmas gift - or as the students at the yoga centre are going to receive them as "pots of potential" - as the basil this year has been very slow to germinate.

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