Friday, December 31, 2010

Happiness in this New Year

Shouts and Fireworks could be heard all across the city - Happy New Year!

We saw it in with a scorching 40 degree day and the veggies have withstood it beautifully.

The plums seemed to turn colour before my eyes and have been the best of the harvest so far.

This year's Christmas feast included some climbing beans which I had lead up wires in front of the yoga studio. The tomatoes were still too green for the garden salad, but are on their way along with zucchini and beats. It has, up until now been too cold for the chilli to take off - but after New Year's Eve declared that it is finally Summer they are sure to take off.

The most important project this Summer is clearing the drip line of the Almond Tree. It has once again come down with a Bacteria Infection and I need to clean to soil of diseased husks and plan to spray a Bordeaux solution next winter. It was such a healthy crop after all the rain - the blossom had promised and delivered - better luck next year! They do have a tendency to keep on ticking along.

Happy New Year, Happy Digging, Happy Discovering.

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