Monday, November 15, 2010

Tis the Season to be Mulching

A recent search for mulch lead me to a free service - 5 cubic metres delivered to the door!!! The request was 5th priority - which meant when the mulching company has a surplus of mulch you can have it delivered. The front garden is now complete. I shovelling the old mulch onto the surrounding garden beds (it is a good idea to add dolomite / blood and bone to keep the soil sweet after combining it with old mulch). I replaced the weed mat and although not in the front - in the back I am planning to place newspaper down in addition to weed mat. Have a bucket of water handy to dunk the news paper to avoid it flying off as you lay it is a great help.

It looks and smells great - and it hasn't stopped raining all weekend so it is now firmly set in place. Cheers to Chen for supervising the operation.

Now for the back.....

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