Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ahimsa and Permaculture

In an interview with Scott London Bill Mollison explains the history and motivation for Permaculture. One pertinent remark he made was :

'It’s curious that we never apply what we know to how we actually live'.

Why does a plumber spend his life making beautiful bathrooms for his customers and is unable to come home and fix his own? I believe fundamentally this boils down to self worth. Particularly now, where we live in such isolated environments, the notion of doing something for the community at large is quite removed, or is perhaps restricted to working hours. This gives us the opportunity to practice a reversal of sorts - treat your neighbour as you would yourself - now I believe it is time to treat yourself as you treat your neighbour (that is if you have mastered the first act of true respect and love for your neighbour).

It is more than just laziness that keeps us from living out our wisdom. Every instruction manual and every tip is now available on the Web - it doesn't mean for certain that you will google it and apply it to your life. What does determine action - is your state of mind and it stems from your love of self - not in a conceited manner - but through a deep acceptance, which is the first practice in yoga of Ahimsa or non-harm.

Scott London's Interview with Bill Mollison

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