Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking the Land

I want to approach the garden as I would a yoga practice.
The block of land has served as a yoga school for many years and its healing presence is well known by those who visit. It is important for me to work with this existing character. How the garden will impact on the yoga studio and how the students and the purpose of the land will impact the garden will be considered in the plan.

A walking meditation path and also a space for seated meditation has long been a vision for the garden. A large key-hole garden will be the main feature of the back garden (Zone 3). For this reason the walking path will have to move around and not through the garden as previously invisioned. The back left corner of the property must be accessible to council workers as there is a sewege access point here. A pavilion has been put in place over the man hole and currently a grape and chocko is growing beside the structure - waiting to be trained. This could be an ideal place in summer for seated meditation.

This photo captures the area where the main key hole bed is planned for. This the far end of the garden. The Cana-lillies and weeping native will have to be moved this Autumn/Winter.

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