Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cabbage Butterfly Trap

Recently at BAAG (Buleen Art and Garden) I learnt that if you tie white plastic bags to sticks the cabbage butterfly take it for another butterfly and will leave the area alone as they are territorial. Mimi has adopted this method with open egg shells which I have implemented.

Then yesterday walking the dog - I noticed that a large piece of polystyrene foam had blown up on my front garden. I put it straight in the bin and continued on my walk. Just a few paces in - I thought about how very white the foam was. Perfect for deterring cabbage butterflies - further down the walk I came across a lovely branch and decided it would make a perfect polystyrene tree. So with the tree and egg shells in place hopefully the catter-pillers will be kept at bay. This morning was the first morning that I have gone out and not had to pick any off the kale seedlings!

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