Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grafting Workshop

Well this weekend I put a Doc Hog onto a Granny Smith. Sounds like the promo of a British Crime TV series. But no, I was grafting. Having learned the basics with Neil last year at the Toora Heritage Pear and Apple Farm it was time to weild a grafting knife myself. The workshop was organised by Buleen Art and Garden. The more that I learn about grafting - the more there is to learn. Well that's the same as gardening in general isn't it.

After the workshop a visit to BAAG followed where I discovered a native plum which is home in the Australian Rainforest. I would have liked to experiment a bit with this one to see if a European plum would take to it - however am not confident that the climate in Melbourne will sustain the rainforest plum - perhaps when I get my hot house the experiment can ensue!
For Mama Longo I am swapping her my new grafting skills for some Recipes. I think I get the better end of the deal!

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