Monday, July 4, 2011

Spain The Breakdown

Need inspiration during a Melbourne Winter? Go to Spain!! What an experience.

Such a rewarding time going and looking at a culture, a landscape and city scape through the lens of permaculture design.

1. Madrid - the Retiro Park and Botanical Garden blew me away and put our gardens to shame - lets face it - it takes time and check out the age of the Olive in the Bot Garden ...

On a hot day in Madrid you truly appreciate the build up residential inner city planning - the narrow streets were shaded from the height of the buildings and a breeze ran down during the heat of the day.

What struck me in Madrid was the emphasis on planning and design. The tree were able to climb tall along the main promenades as all the electric cables were underground - along with the metro. The amount of walk ways and bike paths which ran along the middle of main roads showed how much dedication to the pedestrian their city planners had. Coffee shops - with no paper cups in sight - are you kidding? You drink out of ceramic - and SIT DOWN to drink your coffee! Well that is if the coffee shops are open and it isn't Siesta time - this country has got its priorities straight!

Looking at the Medieval towns of Toledo and Segovia you can begin to make sense of just how much prior knowledge has been put into planning the modern cities.

2. Medieval - Modern

to be continued ...

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