Monday, September 27, 2010

Ashwood Permaculture Project

A visit on the weekend to the Ashwood Permaculture Project Garden highlighted once again the many variations of what a Permaculture garden is.

With an emphasis on education and community - this property has evolved from an empty block to a food bowl and outdoor class room for the high school and local volunteers.

Because it is a vision for a community - the design is fluid. A series of mandalas have been established and the choock are rotated around this living mandala. A series of swales has been established, as it is quite a sloped block, in the form of dug in bath tubs.

I found the hot house the most impressive aspect. With a very well organised array of seedlings - herbs and edibles - which we chose from to plant out one of the circles on the block.

It was completely different to the two rural permaculture properties I have seen and showed me again how the principles can be taken on and interpreted by an individual to suit their vision.

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  1. chook lawnmowers, love them! I would definitely get one of those myself if I had a big enough yard.