Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thats What I'm Talkin' 'bout

So often I am seeing people talkin the talk - and not even crawlin the walk. I know, my self included, that the idea of being a responsible visitor on the earth is a very appealing one. But how often does this translate to transformative action? Watching a Green Peace add on TV recently which advocated bullying in the work place as a means to overcome car pollution really highlighted the hypocricy of a movement that places "peace" as their catch cry. With the Federal Election Campaign in full swing at the moment there are so many ideas and good intentions thrown around and no tangible change. Recently at my place of employment which is a very large high profile government public building, a communications committee has been established to help us to be better communicators. The first result of this meeting was a poster which highlighted all the areas which were needed in order for better communication to take place. What is more pressing in the workplace and more generally is the simple act of looking one person in the face at a time and giving them your attention. Respecting and exchanging information. Basically its back to the manners that your mother and grandmother past down to you at the kitchen table and it comes back to self respect. How does this relate to a permaculture blog? Well the place of domesticity is the vital hub - before Zone 1 there has to be a center which is the home. And before there is a home there must be a heath. There must be a person tending to the heath and that person must come from the heart in order for the flow to come from an essential place of healing and positive transformation. So yes - weed, plant, harvest and learn but remember why your doing this rather than going to the supermarket - dear lord you know it is cheaper these days but the grace of change which happens to me and the little space that I have some control over is the true blessing.

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