Sunday, July 4, 2010

Key Hole Garden

Well a weekend of no rain - meant getting the roses pruned and also finishing off preparations for the front key hole garden! I am determined to have produce in it by spring and the soil from the compost and piling cutting is looking great! After seeing the food forest at Southern Cross Permaculture Institute I got thinking about natural edging methods. Listening to Rick speak about the food source created by dead trees and hard cuttings I have decided to use ALL of the woody prunings that have piled up in the back garden as an edge. I am also going to use this method for the back keyhole garden also. So to make this work - I have edged the boundaries to make a ditch and cut the prunings into lengths to be stacked continuously around the circle and also around the edge of the 'keyhole' beside the pavers. This provides a use for a huge amount of waste - which would otherwise end up on the nature strip and will hopefully house helpful insects and healthy bacterias. I am yet to discover how well it will keep the weeds away - but if it is thickly stacked enough with plenty of small mixed in with large cuttings - hopefully it will work well. It will also work as a water catching mote when it rains! I am rather thrilled with this as I haven't seen it anywhere else - but like all good ideas - probably it has been done before ! Most of all it just looks lovely - like a big nest in the middle of my garden waiting for life!

This brings to mind on of my favorite artists - Andy Goldsworthy and his use of 'nesting' spaces:

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